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Call to Order

·        Meeting called to order at 7:07pm.

2 .0

Principal’s Update

·        Mrs. Hughes-Allen provided an update on:

o   Current activities within the school: junior lawn bowling, Terry Fox Run, cross country, Omnican Ball, Halloween parade

o   Picture re-take day will be Tuesday November 5, 2019

o   Babysitting to be provided at all council meetings. $20 payment funded through PIC grant

o   School website will be revamped in January

o   Startup of new year has gone well, school was granted a third kindergarten class.  

o   Progress Reports go home on November 18

o   Teacher Interviews will occur on November 21 & 22

o   Remembrance Day assembly at 10:45am on November 11

o   Holiday Concert December 5

o   This years school improvement plan focusing on literacy, numeracy and community. School will be funding math manipulatives.



Teacher’s Update

·        Mrs. Martin provided update of current extracurriculars

·        Junior volleyball has begun

·        Primary pinball to begin with Mrs. Davey and Mrs. Lisson

·        Junior pinball with Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Homan

·        Wheelchair basketball workshop November 13-20

·        Skating trips in December, 2 dates for primary and junior


Treasurer’s Report

·       Account balance of $1734.57

·       Request for funds of $242.95 by Mrs. Melia for curling program in the gym, grades 1-6 to participate. Motion to approve put forward by Mrs. Reyneker. Second by Mrs. Pepler. Unanimous vote in favour

·        End of year carry over needs to be under $30 per student



Outstanding Items:


5.1 Paul Davis

5.2 Sprit Wear

5.3  Trivia Night


5.1 Paul Davis  

·        Booked for March 25, 2019. He will do session with students in afternoon and a 90 minute session with adults in the evening

·        Mrs. Reyneker to reach out to other councils and extend invitation to their parent community


5.2  Spirit Wear

·        Awaiting mock ups from Litzens

·        Council agreed to keep options limited in order to ensure no loss of profit, will sell zip up hoodies, tshirts and pants

5.3  Dates for Trivia Night

·        Ms. Reyneker provided an overview of last year’s trivia night event, and the possibility of holding it as a fundraiser this school year.  Council interested in incorporating a silent auction

·        Will explore dates in February




New Business / Open Floor:


6.1    Fundraising

6.2    Allergy Info

6.3    School Safety Policies

6.4    Open Floor

6.1 Fundraising

·        Council discussed various options for bake sale location. Agreed that for flow of guests and visibility for sales, gym is best location

·        best seat in the house to be expanded to 2 winners

·        Mrs. Pepler suggested adding an online donation option through cashless for those who would prefer that method. Mrs. Hughes-Allen to look into this


6.2 Allergy Information

·        epi-pen demonstration was provided to teachers at their staff meeting by a parent. Mrs. Hughes-Allen to arrange an assembly for students to review allergies and anaphylaxis


6.3 School Safety Policies

·        Parent attendees raised issues with respect to safety in the classroom.  Parent attendees indicated they felt a lack of action in managing students with challenging behaviours.  Mrs. Hughes-Allen confirmed that safety of all students is top priority and encouraged parents with concerns to first discuss with their teacher and then directly to her. Collaborative Problem Solving is a strategy used within in the school

·        Parents agreed that transparency between administration and community is integral going forward

6.4    Open Floor

·        School is in need of more lunch supervisors