This is a reminder to parents of our 'safe school' policy as it pertains to visitors entering the school.  We really appreciate how well our parent community supports us at entry and dismissal time by waiting on the blacktop for their child.   While we acknowledge that certain situations may bring parents into the building, we remind  everyone that it is a requirement to report to [and remain in] the office area only using 'door #8', and,   to avoid walking through the hallway and classroom areas.  Even with our youngest students, parents are not permitted to enter the stairwells, hallways or 'cubby' areas.   

The most common visits are to 'pick up' / 'drop off' children during the day or deliver a  particular item to them [lunch, clothing, school work].  In each case, parents should report to / remain in the office.  School staff will ensure the items reach the students.  

If you wish to speak to a teacher, please send a note in the agenda requesting a call or leave a message for the teacher with the secretary requesting an appointment.  If it is an urgent matter, it will be dealt with in the office.

Thank you for your continued co-operation and for helping us maintain a safe and orderly school environment!