Occasional Staff

Welcome to Lakeshore Public School and thanks for choosing our school today. Here is some information to help your day run smoothly:

  • Upon arrival, please sign in at the office and pick up a key and get directions to your classroom.
  • Please sign and review the Behaviour & Safety Plan binder in the main office before going to your class.
  • The classroom teacher will leave plans as indicated in their personal Smartfind message. See the office if you did not receive these plans
  • School information (duty schedules, classroom numbers, maps) is located in the the supply binder in each classroom. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this information
  • Next to each classroom door you should find a red folder in which emergency plans and procedures are located as well as a blue Medical Peril folder which identifies student medical needs and procedures. Please check these folders upon entry to the room for all pertinent information
  • Each classroom contains a Occasional Teacher binder with important school and student information. Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with this before the day begins.
  • First Aid kit is located in the office and on the junior floor.
  • When you leave, please return your key to the main office
  • EA schedules and safety plans are housed in the SERT office (Rm. 213)

Thank you for joining us today.